Welcome to the website for the EMBO Practical Course on Phylogenetics in the ‘-omics’ era

10th – 17th January 2016


The field of molecular evolution and phylogenetics is undergoing a shift from single gene style analyses to analysis of large volumes of genomic and transcriptomic data. This brings a new set of challenges to the biologist such as how to integrate existing data with this new -omics data, and in how to appropriately analyse these data.

The course is taking place in Iquitos in Peru, which looks something like this:

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For more about Iquitos, check here

The team of international experts we have assembled have exceptional skills and experience in this research area.

This course is designed for molecular biologists, evolutionary biologists, and bioinformaticians interested in the history of organisms and their genes and genomes. This course will provide the students with all the critical skills for the analysis of large scale –omics data in an evolutionary framework.

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Great sponsors

The European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO) is the main sponsor of this course again in 2016. We also recognise CONCYTEC for their valued contribution. Learn More»

Great course

Covering all areas of large-scale phylogenetics and phylogenomics. Learn More»

Great location

In 2016, the course is being held in the jungle city of Iquitos in Peru. Learn More»