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Who is this course for?

This course is generally aimed at those who can demonstrate that they are interested in or have an immediate use for genome-scale phylogenetic and evolutionary analyses.


Is it for European students only?

No, not at all.  We accept applications from all over the world.  However, students must either be eligible for travel to Peru or they can demonstrate unequivocally that they can get a visa for travel and if they can, they must explain the process. If a student is accepted, then they need to show at least 6 weeks before the start of the course (i.e. November 29th 2015) that they have obtained the visa, otherwise, their place will be offered to a reserve student.


How will we decide on the students for the course?

The criteria that we will use for selection are as follows: First of all, the student will apply with a copy of their CV and a one page letter outlining why this particular course will be of benefit to them. If they are working in a related area (say comparative genomics), but they have little experience in the evolutionary analysis of data, or if they are about to embark on a project that will clearly need to benefit from the methods we are teaching on the course, then their application will rank highly. If it is not obvious that they will directly benefit from the course or that there is a poor fit between the student’s objectives and the objectives of the course, then their application will not rank so highly.


How should prospective students apply?

All prospective students should firstly apply through the online registration systems here. Following this, please send supporting documents outlined below to .

Registration will not be considered complete without all the necessary supporting documentation.


Following registration if you do not receive a confirmation email, please check the spam folder in case it has been wrongly categorised.



How much does it cost to attend?

Students (must provide evidence of student status): €350.00.


Courtesy of CONCYTEC, there are a limited number of reduced-rate places for Peruvian Students for €150.00 (must provide copy of their National ID card and evidence of student status in Peru).


Post-docs (must provide letter of support from their PI): €350.00.

Principal Investigators (evidence of academic affiliation): €400.00.

Industry: €1,000.00.

All course fees are subsidised by EMBO and include all food and accommodation for the duration of the course.



What will registration cover?

Registration will cover all lectures and practicals, all accommodation (room shared with one other same-sex participant, so please say whether you are male or female), three meals per day, all coffee breaks during the day.


Do I really have to share a room?

Yes – no exceptions.

What does Iquitos look like?

A bit like this:

photo credits

Do I need a VISA?

Many European, American and Oceania countries can travel to Peru without obtaining a visa beforehand, however we would advice that you check with the relevant authorities in advance of applying to attend the course. A summary of countries and their visa status for entry into Peru is available here. An official list of all Peruvian embassies and consulates with contact details can be found here (in Spanish) .


I will have to get a VISA in order to attend, will the organisers help me?

Yes, to a certain extent.  We can write a letter, if one is needed, but we are unable to visit embassies or do interviews.


When is the application deadline?

The deadline for receipt of a properly-formatted email containing (as attachments) a CV and a one-page letter is September 30th 2015.  There will be absolutely no extension, so get your application in early.


When will places be offered?

Students will be notified of acceptance in the first week of October 2015.  All decisions will be final and we will not enter into any correspondence about these decisions.  You will then have one week to make the payment, or we will offer the place to a reserve candidate.


How are payments made?

We will set up an online payment system.  Successful applicants will be provided with a link.  You will need a credit card or paypal account in order to make the payment.


If accepted, will I get a chance to talk about my own data?

Yes, absolutely and we hope you get to talk about it quite a lot.  You will be given a speaking slot, with projector facilities so you can present your work formally, but also we will allocate some time for informal discussions between students and staff.


Will I be able to bring my own data?

Yes, if you have data, then bring it along.


I have another question and it is not addressed here, what do I do?

Well, if it definitely is not addressed on this page, you can email  iquitos.EMBO2016 {at}  (replace {at} with @) or use the contact form below:

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